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The driving force behind Authormixx is that we believe in you.  We hope  to empower, to inspire, and help you realize your purpose while striving  for mastery in the art of writing.  

Our  mission statement – “To provide you the most pleasant and exciting  reading experience possible. And to provide you the most successful  writing experience possible.” 

We believe in core values, hard work backed by commitment, integrity,  and excellence.   

Our foundation is our faith in Jesus Christ. Our company policy is to take  time for prayer, family, love, and good food. 


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My passion for writing began in high school after taking a Language Arts class. In fact, my teacher had a unique point of view and a way of captivating his audience. I was hooked.  

During my freshman year college, I took a writing class that required us to write and illustrate a children book. I'll never forget the excitement I experienced in writing my first story about two sisters and their first day at school. In  addition, I had a fabulous illustrator who made the book extra special.  I graduated from the University of South Florida earning a BA, MA in education.

I'm a writing coach, consultant, writer, author, and publisher. I believe it’s  important to be an avid reader, researcher, and learn new skills for the art of writing. I enjoy traveling, boating, and sports.